12 05 2015

Morels at the trail 100/110 intersection!

Morels at the trail 100/110 intersection!

The snow pack has been gone for several weeks, but I caught a spring storm in late April.  View from Mount Kit Carson meadows.

The snow pack has been gone for several weeks, but I caught a spring storm in late April. View from Mount Kit Carson meadows.

Trillium!  The Calypso orchids are out now, too.

Trillium! The Calypso orchids are out now, too.

I’m working on updates to the spring & summer content!  At least, when I’m not distracted by long trail runs & excellent morels on the mountain.  The morels were out earlier than ever due to the low snow levels.  It makes it hard for me to focus on website updates when they’re out, so please help me out by sending me an email if there are any group volunteer projects I’m missing from the volunteer page!  I would love to include info on all of the group work parties taking place this summer.  Thanks!

Note:  Even though spring is here very early this year, there is still one big patch of winter snow blocking the summit road.  The park hopes to have the gate open by June 1st.  In the meantime, get out & hike to the top!  The view is worth it.

Winter Season

25 11 2014

Winter is almost here, which means I don’t monitor the volunteer emails quite as frequently. It’s hard to do much maintenance work when there are several feet of snow covering the trail. Instead, please stay posted for updates as the snow melts in the spring, and in the meantime, get out and enjoy the winter trails. If you’re a snowshoer, here’s the map you need to print and take with you on your explorations. If your a Nordic skier, watch for updates on the Spokane Nordic page.

Don’t miss upcoming events like the Snow Stop or the First Day Snowshoe, too! We love our volunteers, and we hope our volunteers are out having fun in the park.

Troubling news from Mount Spokane:

16 06 2014

This is from Cris, President of the Friends of Mount Spokane State Park:


Just wanted to let everyone know that I’ve been posting signs on the park kiosks that inform people not to ride or build unauthorized trails.  These signs are being removed on a weekly basis (probably on Wednesday nights) and I keep putting them back up.  I am also posting similar signs on the actual rogue trails.  Parks is pretty serious about eliminating the rogue trail activity.  So if you know of perpetrators, please remind them that there will be a hefty fine if caught and that the Friends Group might even file a civil suit.  Ultimately, if the activity does not stop, there will be long term consequences including the possible elimination of mountain biking in the park, as Jim Harris wanted to do.  Thanks.
Snowshoe hut work starts this Tuesday through Friday.  If you want to help, let me know.”

Spring 2014 Update as of May 27th

27 05 2014

The snow is beginning to come off the mountain, and the lower elevation trails are now snow free (although still a little soft in spots). Good options for hiking/biking/riding right now include trail 100, 110, and 120.  There’s still quite a lot of snow starting at Saddle Junction and the Upper KC Loop Road.  The summit road will not reopen until everything has melted out. Please remember to walk through muddy spots rather than around them.  Please also let us know if there are trees down or other trail problems: mountspokanetrails[at]gmail[dot]com

Did you know?

23 07 2012

If you volunteer in state parks for a total of twenty-four hours, you can earn a Discover Pass for your efforts!  Check out the Adopt-a-Trail page or the Volunteer Opportunities page to learn how to get involved and maybe even earn a free pass!