This opportunity just in!

14 06 2015

Know that a lot of what will be happening on this one is planning, but there will also be some carrying of things. It should be educational and informational as well as an opportunity to get dirty for the park!

From Cris:
I’ll be meeting with Alex McMurry, the historic preservation manager for state parks, on Tuesday, June 23 at 9AM at the park office. We will go up to the woodshed and make a more detailed assessment of what should be done to restore and preserve it. Anyone is welcome to attend if they are interested in the project. We will likely be digging out the vegetation, removing the siding boards, and assessing the the logs. Also I would like to start cutting poles for the rafters that day.

[That last part will be the getting dirty part. Meeting with the historic preservation manager should be the informative part!]



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